Blog Talk Radio Show October 3, 2011: Dire Predictions

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Toni Moss, the President of AmeriCatalyst and EuroCatalyst, joined the Lykken on Lending radio show on Monday to provide her thoughts on the world economy.  Toni’s experience and knowledge makes her opinions worth listening to.  She has access to the finance ministers of most of the European nations, as well as in the US.  Toni’s assessment of the world economy is that major changes are ahead.  And they are not positive changes.  She believes that a global economic collapse is underway and default by Greece on its sovereign debt, which she believes is imminent, will be the first of many dominoes to fall.   Money and the power that goes with it is leaving the western nations, including the US,  and moving east.  She believes globalization has neutralized the effect sovereign entities have over monetary policy and that we are headed to the end of the fiat currency system (money backed by governments, not a physical commodity).  She expects all this to be well underway in 2012.  Wow! Toni paints a dire picture of our economic future.  Her opinions are certainly due thoughtful consideration.  I am not sure I know what you can do with the information.  If what she expects [...]