Special Update: More on G-Fee Increase

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On August 31st, FHFA announced another increase in the guarantee fee (G-fee) charged by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on the loans they insure. The amount of the increase is set to average 10 basis points, but the amount of the increase may vary by product and seller. The increase is to be effective on loans sold directly to Fannie or Freddie beginning in November and for any loans to be pooled in a mortgage-backed security (MBS) with a December 1st or later issue date. Longer term locks already reflect this increase. Short term locks may as well, depending who is buying the loan and whether the loan will be pooled in a MBS. If they don't now, they will very soon. G-fees are paid by the borrower from the interest paid on the loan or are collected upfront as a cost to the borrower. The cost is approximately five times the increase in G-fee. The effect of this increase in G-fee on the borrower has been masked somewhat by recent price increases in the MBS market. Loans locked at prices before the G-fee increase was added will incur heavy extension fees, if required, so timely delivery of well documented, [...]