U.S. Considers New Refinance Plan

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Prices on lower coupon mortgage-backed securities (3.5% and 4.0%) have improved today while prices on higher coupon securities (above 4.0%) have fallen.  The cause appears to be an announcement that the Obama administration is considering a broad refinance program for government guaranteed loans to be refinanced without the normal restrictions, like LTV.  The details of plans being considered are not available.  The goal of the program would be to stimulate the economy, as people would have more discretionary funds.  The downside could come from MBS investors whose investments will pay off much faster than anticipated. On future investments, investors would likely pay lower premiums for higher coupons.  This news should have little impact on most loans currently in your pipeline. Read the full article from The New York Times:  U.S. May Back Refinance Plan for Mortgages

In The News: Loan Officer Compensation and Senate Bill 3217

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It is being reported that Senate Bill 3217 Restoring American Financial Stability will soon pass out of the Senate.  There are many things in this bill which will effect the mortgage industry.  In an earlier blog post I discussed the likely impact of the "Skin in the Game" provisions of this bill.  In this post, I will discuss the provisions in this bill which will restrict Loan Officer compensation. Glen Corso, Executive Director of The Community Mortgage Banking Project, discussed on the BlogTalkRadio/Lykken-on-Lending show on Monday that the amendment to Senate Bill 3217 which, among other things, prohibits loan originators from receiving compensation based on the terms of the loan.  He explained that the amendment was introduced late Tuesday evening May 11th and was passed on Wednesday morning May 12th, giving himself and other industry advocates no chance to weigh in on the amendment.  The intent of the amendment is to remove any incentive for an originator to charge more in origination fees to a borrower or to give a borrower a higher mortgage rate than the basic rate and price as established by his or her origination company.  So this amendment essentially prohibits companies from paying loan officers a [...]